Say Word CC  is a creative copy writing service that works with individuals, small businesses and corporations to help them communicate effectively to their target audiences. That could include advertising copy for a nationwide campaign or a sweet poem to your Mom on Mother’s day.

We will also offer critiquing and consultation on your manuscript (children’s books, young adult and middle school novels, poetry, short story collections) that will focus on substantive components like structure, voice, character development, theme and plot.

We specialize in two things:1) Colorful, rhythmic copy that resonates with children, teens, and college aged students. And 2) messaging that is personal and able to reach the client in an emotional way. My work as a children’s book author and as a successful greeting card copywriter is highlighted by the dialogue between characters, between loved ones, and between friends. It’s what I do.

So now that you’re here—how can I help you say what you really want to say?