Derrick Barnes, Chief Creative Officer and founder of Say Word CC, is a celebrated, decorated, experienced, beloved, and talented purveyor and tailor of words. He has won awards as a children’s book author; eight published titles with Scholastic (The Ruby and the Booker Boys series, Stop, Drop and Chill, The Low Down Bad Day Blues, We Could Be Brothers) and Simon and Schuster (The Making of Dr. Truelove),CROWN: AN ODE TO THE FRESH CUT published by Denene Millner Books/Agate Bolden-Fall 2017, and THE KING OF KINDERGARTEN published by Nancy Paulsen Books/Penguin-Spring 2019. Visit his site  DerrickDBarnes.com to learn more aboutr his catalog, his writing career and his beautiful family.

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He began his professional writing career as an award winning columnist in undergrad at Jackson State University’s Blue and White Flash. He received a BA in Marketing in May of 1999 and then headed back to his home town of Kansas City, MO. Three months later, he became the first African-American man hired as a copywriter for Hallmark Cards in 1999. He has freelanced for companies such as American Greetings, and Pearson,  as well as ghost written books for celebrities/celebrity authors. Derrick has also worked as a contributing blogger for sites such as Denene Millner’s award winning parenting site Mybrownbaby.com. He launched his own site, Raising The Mighty in 2014, where  he “chronicles the experience of bringing up four beautiful Black boys in America”.

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Over the past eight years he has traveled all over the country conducting dozens of author presentations and workshops for children between the ages of 5-17. He has also been the keynote speaker, guest, or resident author for various literacy programs, most notably:

  • Barbara Bush Celebration of Reading-Boca Raton, FL (two years in a row)
  • NFL Pro Bowl Defensive End Justin Tuck’s R.U.,S.H. For Literacy- Harlem, NY
  • Dr. Alfred Tatum (University of Illinois @ Chicago) African American Male Summer Literacy Institute-Chicago, IL
  • Texas Book Festival-Austin, TX
  • NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English)-Disney World-Orlando, FL
  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-Creative Writing workshops

Derrick will gather up all of his life experiences, his many stints as a powerhouse word wrangler, throw them in a pot, stir it briskly and then offer a multitude of creative writing services and contract work for individuals, small businesses, corporations, non for profits, and aliens.

Yes, aliens need copy writing services and  crafted love letters as well. You didn’t know!?

Say Word CC will offer, but is definitely not limited to some of the services below:

  • Advertising copy 
  • Online copy
  • Greeting card copy
  •  Personal correspondence (‘hard-to-say’letters, birthday, anniversary, poems,etc.)
  • Creative Ghostwriting
  • Copy editing
  • Manuscript critique/consultation and line editing
  • Tagline, slogan and Product naming
  • Newsletters and blog posts
  • Essay/writing assignments critique for students (high school , undergraduate and graduate)

But the most unique service we’ll be offering is Personal Correspondence. “What is personal correspondence?” you might ask, with your right eye brow raise ever so slightly. Here’s how it’ll work: you contact us, give specific details about a relationship with someone near and dear to you, and we will craft a birthday letter, a retirement, graduation,engagement or an anniversary poem or sonnet, a thank you, I’m sorry, or long-time-no-see letter.

We get it. It’s tough sometimes to convey, through words, how you really feel to your spouse, your sibling that lives three time zones away, or a teenager that only communicates via three word texts and emojis. You haven’t had a real conversation in weeks because there’s a pair of BEATS by Dre buds glued  to his ear canals. It doesn’t have to be all long and sappy. Maybe it does. You tell us what you want. We’ll carefully and thoughtfully weave a message for you to present that will be so fitting, and so perfect, they’ll wonder what got into you.