Services and Rates

Once you have emailed us and made it clear about what it is we can craft for you, we will send you a quote. Once the price is agreed upon, and 50% of the quoted price is sent to the PayPal account/link below, we will begin work on your amazing project. We will give you a designated time that the project will be completed. As soon as the work is done, we will email you immediately.You will not receive the completed project until the other half of the fee is sent and posted on PayPal. I will send you an invoice stamped PAID IN FULL. Please submit all work in WORD format.


After years of working with awesome NY publishing editors and editors at Hallmark cards, I’m conditioned to turn work around extremely fast. Quality work extremely fast.

Below are a list of services that we provide, along with the rates that will be charged:

Creative Ad/online copy

Whether you are a small advertising firm, a mid size company’s marketing and advertising department, a large corporation, or a small one man online operation,we will provide copy that will not only reach your desired audience, but speak to them like we’re  target demographic whisperers. We can craft short impactful copy or medium to long copy for a campaign. We use humor (quite effectively I might add) to convey your intended message. Not clown humor, but smart, quick witted humor. You know, like your uncle Morty. Say Word specializes in pithy, punchy, snappy, memorable phrases and attention-grabbing concepts.  We can  also name products, slogans, and taglines: $40/hour

Personal Correspondence

You could buy a greeting card. Sure. Nothing wrong with giving someone you love a vanilla message that hundreds of others will receive with the same emotionless results.

You could sit down (when you find the time) and try to write something sweet and poetic, but is that really what you do best?  Aren’t you like an accountant?  An IT geek? A lion tamer?

How many people can say (or not say) that an award winning author wrote a poem, a letter, or a short , sweet, message for them to present to someone that they love? We will craft letters, poems, sonnets,etc. for a multitude of occasions: birthday, anniversary, graduation, encouragement, inspiration, ‘long-time-no-see, parent to teen, promotion, friend to friend. If there is something you want to say but think it’ll come out as complete and utter gibberish, we will give it a shot. Everything, and anything you’ve ever wanted to tell that person, we’ll do it, in HD.  We will email you the message or, if requested, we can also have it printed on high quality Astroparche Natural paper, neatly rolled in a scroll, and mailed to you: Contact for rates

Manuscript critique/Line/Content/Stylistic editing

If you’re like me, your mom gives out your phone number, email address, and mailing address to anyone at her church or the grand daughter of someone in her Silver Sneakers session. She wants you to “look over” their manuscript or pass it along to your agent. Sometimes I did it for free, sometimes I just didn’t respond because…I don’t know…I have writing to do. But now, mom, please tell them I’m charging! I am not a proofreader, per se, but I will correct grammatical and typographical errors, mistakes in grammar, spelling etc. But my main service will be to make sure your story flows. I’ll keep your characters in line. I’ll make plot, length, formatting, tone, voice,language and point of view suggestions. Your work will be self publishing ready or ready to pass along to your agent to shop and land that huge publishing deal. Maybe then your mom won’t send strangers your way.

She’ll be in the Bahamas.

Partial manuscripts (2-4 chapters), short stories, and novellas up to 30,000 words: $125.00
Complete manuscripts up to 60,000 words: $200.00
Complete manuscripts between 60,000 words and 90,000 words: $300.00
Complete manuscripts between 90,000 words and 110,000 words: $400.00

Expect 1-4 four weeks depending on length of the manuscript. I will give you a return date before receiving the first deposit.

Ghost writing

I just recently started ghostwriting, or doing work that wasn’t one of my original ideas and receiving ZERO publishing credit for it. Just a check. A big fat check. And I’m cool with that. I am obviously a children’s book author and those are the projects that I take on. I’ve written for celebrities, celebrity authors, and educational literacy companies. Any and every age group is fair game. I’ve done it all; early reader books that only fill up half of a page to lengthy, temperamental teen novels. If it’s not my idea, I could care less about taking credit. The only ting I’m concerned with its spinning out quality work. My name may not be on it, but my name is attached to the project, and legacy, body of work…that matters to me. A lot:  Contact for fees. 

Newsletters/Blog posts

How about a newsletter or blog post on your site that someone actually wants to read and get excited about? We got you. Unless its big news or events ,personally or business standpoint, people don’t really care. Just being honest with you. When they get an alarm from your blog or website, you want them to jump with joy, get a little tickly feeling in their tummies, run through a brick wall even (football analogy. Sorry).

We’ll craft something energetic, short and informative. No sweat.


Essay academic writing critique/line editing

Whether you’re a high school senior trying to craft an amazing, unbelievable essay in order to land a fat schlarship, or maybe its for a make up grade in your language arts summer school class. We got you. Undergraduate or graduate. We have offered critiqe services for students for years. To be quite honest with you, for as many essays and lenghty assignments that I’ve ‘fixed’, ‘changed’ and some just flat out written for close relatives, I should own a percentage of a few gradutate degrees.

No matter the length or subject matter, I will make sure that your work is clean, makes sense, and will bring your stingy professor to their knees, begging you to be in their class again next semester, and accept the ‘A’ for the course. Gratiously of course.

We got you.


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